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Hey Everyone!

If you are from a small town like me, you may need to know the best place to get your groceries and be a healthy vegan or vegetarian. Some people are lucky enough to live near all the best chain health food stores, well not in the rural South. I’m not complaining because I’m grateful for what we do have, but there are no large grocers in my area. One retailer interested me in particular and today I’m going to tell you about, Thrive Market.

I saw an Internet ad out about Thrive Market . First thoughts: It’s going to be expensive & I don’t know these people! But luckily I took the time to do some research.  Thrive Market offers over 4,000 high quality products, from over 400 companies at 25% – 50% off everyday and you don’t buy the items in bulk. When you use their website you can narrow down your choices they have over NINETY ways: vegetarian, vegan, raw, paleo, gluten free, etc. Then I thought, they’ll get you on shipping! No, if you spend $49 it’s free, otherwise it’s usually about $5.

Then I saw, register for a free month if you like it, $59.95 a year. That’s actually only $5 a month, but it threw me. Then I found out every time someone pays to join  Thrive Market gives a free membership to a low income family. I thought that was very nice! Everyone should be able to eat healthy foods! Thrive Market also recycles everything and makes sure the companies they partner with care about the environment.

I decided to look around and they were having a sale, they are always having a sale, saw that the products actually were a really good deal and now I couldn’t be happier! Check it out and let me know what you think! If you sign up right now you get free shipping and 15% off your order!

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