Vegan Taco Tuesday Left The Building?

Hey you guys! I’m very sorry for no Vegan Taco Tuesday this week. I am experiencing some health issues and have been back and forth to the Dr and hospital. No worries, I’m healthy and fine, it’s just one of those things that happens for no reason and you deal with it and move on! So, please forgive me if things are crazy over the next couple of weeks but I promise, I am not abandoning my readers!

I have also decided there are many other aspects of the vegan lifestyle I would like to cover in more detail. For this reason I will be focusing my articles on other topics. Things in my life have still been a roller coaster, but I’m taking it in stride and know that everything will turn out as it should. I appreciate everyone’s support! Please be patient with me as I expand and make changes to, my website.

Be Kind To One Another,

Keli – The Alabama Vegan

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