Vegan Taco Tuesday Left The Building?

Hey you guys! I’m very sorry for no Vegan Taco Tuesday this week. I am experiencing some health issues and have been back and forth to the Dr and hospital. No worries, I’m healthy and fine, it’s just one of those things that happens for no reason and you deal with it and move on! So, please forgive me if things are crazy over the next couple of weeks but I promise, I am not abandoning my readers!

Be Kind To One Another,


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Welcome to the website of The Alabama Vegan. Going vegan while living here at a very young age was a struggle. No one knew what a vegan was or what I should eat : ) The world has changed immensely since then, but sometimes people still need a little help finding their way to a healthy and balanced vegan diet. My goal is to use my website to educate everyone on healthy eating in a fast paced world, at an affordable cost.

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