Vegan Recipes & Vegetarian Recipes Are Not Lost- They Moved!

The Menu was getting cluttered so, I organized and I also gave you Two Delicious New Vegan Recipes! One of the recipes is a yummy dessert!

Starting now, go to Favorite Recipes 2017 and you will see all the Vegan and Vegetarian recipes I’ve given you so far. I’m also going to do a little work explaining some food items. I gave you a wonderful Vegan grocery list, however there are items on the list that I travel to purchase. Some of you may be in the same situation I’m in and not even know what the product looks like. So, I thought it would be helpful to pull some menu items and give you a link where you can shop online and see what you need to buy. I’m also going to add a list of “hidden” animal ingredients in “Vegan” food.

I’m thinking about Vegan Taco Tuesday already and am going to add some more great vegan and vegetarian cookbooks. Then I want to look at Vegan Protein Shakes and Vegan Smoothies! 

Be Kind to One Another,

Keli – The Alabama Vegan

2 thoughts on “Vegan Recipes & Vegetarian Recipes Are Not Lost- They Moved!

  1. Angela Reply

    Hidden animal ingredients when you’re not expecting any are scary! I’m looking forward to seeing your list. The new way you’ve set up your recipes is fabulous too, much better! Thanks!

    1. Keli Tucker Reply

      Hey Angela! Thank you for visiting my website 🙂 From your comment I can tell this is not your first visit, which is even better! Please comeback for the animal ingredients, right now the list is completely insane and I would like to cut it down to the 20 or so most common. I’m glad you like what I’ve done with the recipes, they were getting out of control. I’m going to have to give the whole site a redo soon because I feel like everything is getting crowded. Thanks again, hope to see you soon!

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