Best Vegan Halloween Recipes 2017

Hello Everyone! Halloween is another time of year when people get together with friends for fun and parties. As adults we know how to explain veganism and why we eat what we eat, as well as what we are eating. However, as I stated in another article, at any time when children are getting togetherRead More

Vegan Moussaka

After quite a bit of searching I found a recipe for Vegan Moussaka that reminded me of the Moussaka I had eaten at Garbanzo’s in Portland, OR so many years ago. However, as I was gathering the ingredients and thinking of how the dish would taste, it became clear to me that this recipe would not makeRead More

Vegan Tempeh Tequila Taco Sliders

Happy Vegan Taco Tuesday Everyone! This week we are having Vegan Tempeh Tequila Taco Sliders by Spork Foods which I found on These taco sliders are easy to make and inexpensive. The tequila gives them a nice extra kick! If you’ve never tried tempeh, you should! It’s delicious 🙂 You can find soy tempehRead More